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Every day, there are hundreds of individuals looking to buy and sell homes. Kneely Memphis Real Estate knows how hard it is to find the perfect home for your family. We also understand the things a homeowner goes through when trying to sell a property. Our company is dedicated to making sure that people have a place to look when they need to. Our site is the biggest platform in Memphis, where you can find numerous properties that will suit your needs. Our company provides the most significant advantage when it comes to real estate. We have thousands of independent real estate agents who can help you out. The agents associated with Kneely Memphis Real Estate are all professionals and experts in what they do.


What We Are About

Kneely Memphis Real Estate‘s edge over the others is that we always see to it that we provide realistic expectations to all our clients. The transparency we share to homeowners of what’s happening is something that we have practiced since day one of our firm. Kneely Memphis Real Estate is highly acclaimed by the state of Tennessee, to be the most reliable real estate agency. The outstanding reputation of being a credible and trustworthy firm was built through numerous years of excellent service that we provided to all the people who entrusted their properties to us.

We are members of the National Association Of Realtors which means we must adhere to a strict code of ethics and working practices.

Our founder Devante Woodward started this company with a passion to make a difference in the world of real estate, by providing a service that was unique to the industry .

Kneely Memphis Real Estate started with a simple listing for selling and buying properties, but  because Devante wanted to provide a better service, we are now taking care of home remodeling and property development. Over the years, we saw that there are a lot of factors that makes a home listed for so long without getting sold. We created a remedy to make sure that it will not happen to our clients. That is the reason why we started out in improving properties so that it will have a better chance in the market.

To enhance a property we can now convert, upgrade and refurbish completely in house without the need of any outside contractors. Using the building and expertise of our new Construction Director Scott Ian, we are now developing, renovating and building our own portfolio of properties.

This gives us a cutting edge above your traditional Real Estate Agent. Scott Ian has years of experience building and renovating for his firm in the UK and became recognized as one of the top builders in Plymouth

Kneely Memphis Real Estate is here to make sure that you will get what you deserve for your properties.

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